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2005-06-18 21:34:51 (UTC)


dam it! dam this fuckin paranioa! its so fuackin anoyin! i
dont no if this is reasonable worry or jus fuckin
paranioa! argh! my mind is so fuckin stupid! i dont no how
it works! aparntly i blocked sumfing out, i mite av
mentioned this but cant member...thats anutha thing i h8
bout it!! but i dont no if i blocked it or jus 4got cos im
a dick but it tuk alota remindin 2 make me slightly
member! an if i did block it hav i blocked nefin
else? not even guna think thats posible tho or i will
jus get anoyed!...

ok well i 4got i was ritin here an jus had sum convos...i
fink the worry was jus paranioa from wot i hav jus bin
told...but i still fell it abit cos i dont belive ppl wen
im like this :S its quite bad reli...i no im in 1
the...erm...'things' were im probly paraniod but i cant
convince myslef that thats it :S see its wierd! i used 2
get this everyday!!...i supose at least its not as much as
b4! oh well im calmin down i supose lol ohh...i sound
crazy! sumtimes think i am1 lol oh well im guna go cos a
very drunk mate jus started chattin 2 me lol shid b funi!