New Chapter
2005-06-18 18:01:54 (UTC)


Last night was one of the most confusing
nights i have ever had. Just a mix of highs and lows and
eventualy ice cream.

I went into work....and they sent me home. Chrissy gave me
Friday off because she's working me so much next week. So i
went home.....and found out that i have been givin around
19 thousand dollors to go to college. Yeah so you ca
imagine my suprise. Stuff like this just doesn't happen
right? I didn't get to see Corey last night. I missed him
so that was kind of sad. I ended up getting Ice Cream with

I talked to Joe today. He's selling his car....becasue of
me. And he's also moving.....and wasn't planning on telling
me. I guess...i don't know. I don't want to be with him but
i wished things would have ended differently. I mean. Thats
not how it was suppose to end. It's not how we were suppose
to end. Granted i would never get back together with him
but sometimes i just wish the break-up was a little less
messy. And he's seems to think that he's the only one
hurting from this. Are you kidding? The person i thought i
was gonna spend the rest of my life with breaks my heart
again for the SECOND time and sometimes that thought hurt
so much i coulnd't sit still. So no. He's not the only one
who got hurt over this break-up.

As for Corey. Well, i have no idea what the future holds
for us. Right now it looks promising but you never know. I
enjoy spending time with him and taking things slow and
getting to know him. And the more i learn the more i like.
I could do this. I even told him that. If i recall i was
standing above a kitchen sink up to my elbows in suds and
laughing at whatever particular piece of wit he decided to
make fun of me with. I knew it then. I could do this. The
back and forth, the sweetness and the sarcasm. It works for