Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-06-18 16:17:55 (UTC)

Retribution tonight

Dearest Master,

You have gotten up early and gone to an event this morning.
this slave misses You. You let her sleep in, but the phone
rang and woke her up a little before 10 AM. Just as well,
as she needed to get up anyway. she has lots of work to do

Last evening W/we took the kids shopping and bought them
some books and a movie. When W/we got home, W/we ordered
pizza and ate with the kids. Then W/we went to visit a
hospitalized family member who seems to be doing a lot
better. Hopefully, this person will get to go home soon.

Once W/we got home from the hospital, W/we found out that a
family member called and gave U/us some news that W/we
wanted to hear, but at the same time it further complicated
the situation as it stands. You and this slave just want
this issue to be resolved and over for good. It seems like
the only people who are never considered in this equation is
U/us, and yet W/we have been the O/ones who have been
inconvenienced for the last 8 years. W/we just want it all
to end.

You went upstairs to be alone for a while, and this slave
spent time with the kids, as well as made an entry in her
journal. this slave made popcorn for the kids and waited to
be summoned to join You. she misses You so much, and can't
wait to hear Your familiar beckoning, letting her know that
W/we will soon be alone T/together.

When this slave did join You, You had her strip all her
clothes off, and then go about preparing the room for O/our
time T/together. this slave went to the foot locker in
which W/we store O/our necessary utensils, and removed the
plastic box that hold the "canes", whips, crop, etc. she
placed these tools neatly along the foot of Your bed, and
then retrieved the dog collar with the ropes attached.
Next, she went over to Your mirrored dresser, where this
slave pulled her long, auburn hair into two high ponytails.
Then, this slave stood before You while You sucked hard on
each of her nipples. When You finished with this slave's
nipples, You had her kneel before You, while You collared
her and tied the ropes around the base of her breasts. When
You finished, this slave retrieved the slave collar from the
drawer and gave it to You, so You could place it around her
neck. Finally, You viewed this slave from head to toe and
remarked how good this slave looked. You mentioned that You
had tied her breasts perfectly even, and looked better than
they ever had. this slave was allowed to look in the mirror
and admired how nicely You had tied them. They looked lovely.

this slave then spent some time on both her back and tummy,
while You rubbed Your cock against her heat and beat her
bottom with the "cane" and crop. You also whipped her pussy
a bit as well. this slave has been released by her
gynecologist to resume "normal" activities, but You still
have not yet f***ed her pussy. this slave knows You will
when the time is right, and she can wait as long as You
want. However, she is really looking forward to the
opportunity to straddle You and lower herself onto Your cock
and ride You till You cum deeply inside of her. she can't
wait...Well, she knows she can wait, but...Well, You know.

After stroking Your cock against the outside of this slave's
pussy, You came all over her stomach and legs. Later, You
jacked off on her again after W/we had viewed some internet
pics. W/we went to bed with You snuggled comfortably alone
in Your bed, and this slave beside Your bed on the floor.
You woke this slave during the night to join You in Your bed
where she stroked Your balls and legs while You jacked
Yourself off. Then You put this slave out of Your bed once
again, to finish out the night on the floor. she already
knows that she will be flooring it tonight as well.

After getting up early to help You get ready, You sent this
slave back to bed this morning, but told her to lie down in
Your bed instead of back on the floor. Thank You so much,
Master, for both the permission to get a bit more sleep, and
for the luxury of being able to sleep in Your bed. You are
a kind, thoughtful, and generous Master. this slave is the
luckiest submissive in the world!

Tonight, this slave will be punished for the disrespect and
wrongdoings she committed prior to her being released by the
gynecologist. she is a little scared, but at the same time,
she is looking forward to the closure of the situation. she
knows her bottom will pay a huge price for her mouth, but
she will feel better, as will You, after it is all over.
she is looking forward to feeling the tenderness in her butt
as she sits over the next few days. she only hopes that You
will gag her so she does not get too loud.

Well, this slave has lots of work to do, so she must sign
off for now. this slave loves You so much! she is Your
loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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