Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-06-18 14:37:37 (UTC)

Joke Ya Mind

i'm.....i'm...i'm a mess.

yea...a mess.

gah. i'm so tired of bullshit. i'm so tired of having too
deal with shit. Fluvoxamine 200mg now. started at 50, and
the highest is 300mg.
my therapist isn't helping all that much.
fucking money. money, money, money...dont have it. needa
get it. work supplies money. can't get work.
guess i'm gona end up back too college...i know i could be
in shittier situations but...man...i dunno. maybe i should
go. shit aint happenin the way i planned. lord it's

i just wanna take 5 of those anit-psychotics and just
sleep for a week. i'm tired all the time and sleep is the
only escape i got. i dunno why my friends hate sleep. i
fuckin love it. [joke ya joke ya joke ya mind.]
Lord, please give me extra time too deal my shit out. i
promise too use it wisely...

I'm starting too miss Jessica again. i miss everybody.
scuse me whilst i rest my head on this damn monitor...
-head resty time-
3 minutes later and all i acomplished was leavin a large
rainbow lookin streak mark...i'm still tire though.

i'm going back too bed. somebody join me...