2005-06-18 13:38:10 (UTC)

pregnancy & abortion

I want baby.
Now I work a little hard, and I want to take vacation.
But I can't take vacation with no reason.
It's been three years,since I got married.

I don't like babys, but I like children.
If I stand for two-three years, I'll be happy.

When I told my friend that I want to be pregnant, because
I want to leave from my job for one year, she didn't say

But after that, I got her diary's URL unexpectedly.
She didn't tell that she has diary.

She wrote that;
My friend tell her wants. She wants to be pregnant.
But she tell me that the reason is that she want to take a
rest. I think she is wrong. Her motivation is impure.
Having baby is holy thing.

....but....then....I want to say you!
You say that, pregnancy must be wished with pure heart.
But do you forget what you did some years ago?
You had an abortion.
I know it.
You could avoid the pregnancy, but you didn't.
I have never taken such a risk, because I think the life
of baby is valuable.
In addition to that, now she has no job and everyday she
spend boring time, she can't understand how vacation is

She isn't in position to criticize me!
Maybe she know it. If she criticize me directly, she will
be refuted by me. So she wrote her critisize secretly.

Certainly, her saying is not wrong.
But she disappointed me.
I didn't get angry at her saying. I'm angry with
her "secretly" saying.

After some troubles, now I don't know where she lives.

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