me, nothing more, nothing less
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2005-06-18 06:54:16 (UTC)


Tommorow I see Greenday Live! Go me! Molly is here with me
she is very cute! I have stagecoach today which is
actually quite boring and I don't really want to go
because Im not feeling very well (more so then usual) well
thats just the soft creamy wipped cream on top of the
unusually chocolatey chocolate cake, that was random. Im
really really bored sitting listening to music (What kind
of Pokemon are you?) with Molly on my lap and everyone
else in bed (lazy little bouggers) Molly jumped off my lap
shes in the chair now. You know I would of thought Id be
really hyper and on-crackish because Im seeing the best
band in the world tomorrow, but Im not. Probably because I
feel sick. Im just raveting on now lets talk about
something worth talking about...there's nothing worth
talking about! Oh my God of wallpaper Im so bored!

Lucy out


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