Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-18 03:29:02 (UTC)

F***-ups and forgiveness

Dearest Master,

It is late Friday night while this slave is typing this
post. she is on one of O/our children's computers, so she
must take care to keep them out of the room while she types.
she will be much more careful about which button she uses
to minimize the screen, should one of them walk into the
room. she would hate to lose all her work like she did the
other night.

Yesterday, this slave screwed up again. Actually, it was
not so much yesterday, as it was Tuesday. It was just
brought to her attention yesterday. this slave had some
business to handle on Tuesday, and she started out taking
care of things quite easily. However, she was supposed to
take care of typing a letter and faxing it when she returned
home, but she failed to do this, causing another week's
delay in an issue that desperately needs to be resolved.
The delay is a week because the person that needs to receive
this fax only has access to a fax machine on Tuesday.
Needless to say, You were justifiably upset when You
questioned this slave and she admitted that she had, indeed,
not done it. There is no point in her trying to make
excuses or get out of it in any way. she screwed up, and
where this issue is concerned, she seems to be continually
screwing up. this slave wants this situation resolved as
badly as You do. she cannot explain why she keeps making
these mistakes over and over again. she is sorry, but she
knows You have grown weary of hearing these words,
especially with regard to this situation.

After You arrived home yesterday, You were still quite angry
at this slave, and did not have much to say to her. You
did, however, take this slave shopping and bought her a
really nice suit to wear to her interview today. W/we tried
to find shoes to match, but had no luck. this slave went
this morning and still couldn't find the type of shoes W/we
really wanted, but she did find a nice pair that worked
well. The suit fit well, but the skirt was way too long, so
this slave cut off the bottom 10 inches and put a new hem in
right at the knee. It turned out really well - not too
long, not too short. It looked quite professional, and this
slave felt really good wearing it. Thank You, Master.

When W/we got home, You took the time to color this slave's
hair. When W/we got done with that, it was nearly 11 PM.
this slave showered, and rinsed the after color conditioner
out of her hair, and then joined You upstairs.

Inspite of the time W/we had spent T/together shopping and
hair dying, You were still quite upset with this slave, and
she felt very sad and depressed that she had screwed up so
badly. After joining You in Your room, You took this
slave's face in Your hands, and admonished her that she was
going to have to learn to focus better. this slave forgot
to mention that, in addition to forgetting to send the fax
on Tuesday, she forgot to take O/our child to S.T. and O.T.
yesterday afternoon. You told her she needed to get a
calendar and keep her schedule in it so she doesn't miss any
more tasks or appointments. Then, came the inevitable. You
had this slave lie across Your bed, and You gave her 3
strong blows with the "cane", followed by a number of
strokes with the riding crop that were more than this slave
could count. she was too busy sobbing into the mattress to
keep track. this slave never cries when she is being
"caned" or whipped, unless she is being punished. Then her
tears are more from shame and sorrow than from the pain she
is feeling from the punishment. The tears help to cleanse
her soul, and relieve her anger at herself for causing You
to have to correct her. Once the punishment was over, You
took her face back into Your hands and told her that W/we
were square and that all had been forgiven. this slave
heard You and believed You, but she was still a little angry
at herself, and could not let it go for a while. You
finally made her understand that she could let it go, and
enjoy the rest of O/our time T/together.

Once she let it go, W/we spent a really nice time
T/together. W/we looked at internet pics for a little
while, but then went to bed T/together where W/we mutually
masturbated and enjoyed a very nice orgasm T/together. this
slave lay on her back with her leg between Your legs, and
while this slave stroked her clit, You jacked Yourself off.
W/we shared horny conversation until W/we were B/both ready
to cum. this slave's climax was very, very nice, and she is
so grateful that You allowed her to cum inspite of her many
wrongdoings. she knows that You are serious when You tell
her that the punishment makes things right again. Thank You
so much, Master.

The job interview went well, but this slave is not sure she
would like the man or company for which she would be
working. she put in a couple of other resume's and has
another appointment next Friday. she still has about one
more month of unemployment coming, so she will only make a
move now for a substantial amount of money. Otherwise, she
will hold off taking a job until the unemployment if exhausted.

You will be calling for this slave soon, so she will sign
off for now. this slave loves You so much, Master. she is
Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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