Daily Journal
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2005-06-18 02:19:00 (UTC)

June 17th

Hey my Master,
Well lets see, to begin with I know I told you I'd
try to wait up for you tonight but I was out in the sun
all day so I am tired. And on top of that I have to get
up at 7 tomorrow because I have to be at work at 8 am.
Fun fun fun, my first day. So I was kind of pissed
because Hollywood Video (my first choice for where I
wanted to work) left me a message today wanting to
interview me. I was like...thats not cool. Of course
they had to call after I'd already accepted a job at
Walgreens. Oh well, thats life. I went over to Alyssa's
house at 9 this morning and then we drove to the water
park and stayed there until about 6 pm. I seriously caked
the sunscreen on, b/c I cannot be in the sun that long. I
was reapplying the stuff every hour or so. Well I am a
little red, but not bad at all which is surprising for
me. Today wasnt real exciting, but it was still kind of
fun. Alyssa and I got to hang out and we went on some
slides, most of the time we either spent floating around
the lazy river on a tube talking. Or laying out in the
lounge chairs. After we left the water park we went out
to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and I got popcorn
shrimp...mmm yummy. I absolutely love seafood. Give me
seafood or Chinese and I'm completely happy. So that was
cool. We were all the way out at the beach and the
restaurant was busy so we had to wait and all, so by the
time i finally got home it was almost 9. Then i had to
borrow my moms debit card to go get gas in my car and then
i came home and my dad opened his fathers day present. We
got him a really nice bag for his camera (my dad is
obsessed with taking pictures and he does a pretty decent
job). We gave it to him early because he'll want it
tomorrow at my sisters dance recital b/c he'll be taking a
ton of pictures. Then after that i got in the shower and
then got online and sent an e-mail to Georgia tech
requesting an invitation for a program they have for high
achieving students. Its this thing where you stay over
night on campus and do a bunch of tours and stuff. I'm
doing a very similar one at UF towards the end of July.
Now I'm just writing this journal for you and then I'll
probably head off to bed soon. Ok, so tomorrow I am not
sure when I'll be around. I have to work at 8 am but I
have no idea when i'm getting off. The manager just
wanted me to come in for training and such, so i dont know
if i'm working the whole morning shift or what. Then i
have to leave home at 5:30 to go downtown for my sister's
dance recital. It starts at 6:30 and by the time its all
over and i get home it will probably be 12 or later. If i
get a chance in between work and leaving for that I'll
give you a call and i'll also probably get online after i
get back from the recital. Hopefully we'll get a little
time to talk, but we'll see. Well thats about all my
Master. I love you!


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