Elizabeth M.
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2005-06-17 21:51:53 (UTC)

Update on my crazy life

Ok,...update.....My favorite Aunt is getting a divorce,
her hubby left her again, he's an ass anyways. Last time I
was out on vacation to see her and the family he tried to
fuck me, and its been quite sometime now since I have
visited them, oh about 5 yrs(in California). My mom wants
me to move out to CA and stay with my Aunt to keep her
company and to take that job offer,My Aunt is an RN in the
Sacramonta Hosp. She tld the Hosp. that I was intersented
in becoming an RN, The hosp said that they would pay for my
school as long as I signed a contract stating that I will
work for them for so many years. I am going to think about
Anyways I got a notice stating that my truck is going to
be repossed, so I called the dealership and asked about it.
I was late on a payment, but I am 1/2 a month behind. The
problem is this,.... I work for Banfield and my hours
suck!!! This past pay check was for 44hrs(thats for 2wks)
and after medical I only got $200.00. It really sucks!!!! I
watch my co-workers go home for half the day and not clock
out and get paid, the mananger does the same fucking thing.
So Hopefully, they are not going to catch what I just did.
I conventally didnt clock out and payroll is final as of
monday and the hosp is closed that day. Sneaky huh? Fuck
them lazy blk bitches, They are getting paid for shopping
on the clock.
I worked yesterday and last night, I got $70 in tips, not
bad, and my boss gave me a free shot for my birthday, Well,
I get 2 drinks free anyways and all the soda or water I
want plus I get a free meal everytime I work. My boss put
me in a head lock last night, he was goofing off, he's like
this 60yr old man and he is funny. Its cool to have a boss
that will laugh w/you and joke around. He was laughing at
me last night because I saw the crabs that were cooked and
he was taking them to a table and I freaked, I told them to
make them stop looking at me,nasty....he said that they
were dead, I told him that I didnt care and ran towards the
other door leading to the small bar, he laughed. I dont
like things looking at me when I am tring to eat and thats
why I dont like crabs or lobsters, or any seafood.
Gail, the other bartender told me that I was doing great
and told my boss that I am a quick learner and eager to
learn new things and not afraid of anything. I laughted and
told her thank you but I am afraid of somethings.
I went home and found that I had balloons and a c/d of
50cent and more make up and cards. That was nice!
I watch the O mallys house tomorrow for 1 wk at $50 a day,
so cool!! amd Stubs(maltese) for whom I am watching now is
going back to his owner on Monday,$35 a day for 2 wks.
LOving it. BUt that money was supposed to go to my trip
next month but Ihave to pay bills first. I am still waiting
to go to the beach.

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