Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-06-17 17:33:04 (UTC)

I breathe in the air**poem**

I breathe in the air
And dust fills my lungs
Dusted covers
Within the house
Memories of us
Lay beneath the blankets
That floods the old
Abandoned house
Quick captured moments
That held us together
Inside a frame of glass
Upon the shelf
Glimpses of us
That seemed so happy
Glances that made us curious
As to what is seen by the eye
Stare straight into the camera
And tell me the story again
How you grew up
How we came to love each other
Dust covers us
As we lie beneath
A great white sky
I uncover our smiles
As we hold each other
And look into our eyes
I die as I see us
I held you because I was afraid
That I would lose you to the war
I was right to be afraid
But wrong to smile
I didn’t show worry
I wanted to be brave for you
I wanted to show you that I could make it while you were
But you and I knew it wasn’t true
And you held me
And told me it’s ok to cry
That you wouldn’t die
You’d be back as soon as it was over
And then you left
I wasn’t afraid
Because I trusted you
And I believed you’d come back.
Now the war is over
And you haven’t came home to me
I’m worried about you again
And I begin to panic
You said you’d come back to me
You said you’d be stronger than before
You said you love me and always will
But you said you felt ill.
You said you’d be okay
You are now on the list of Soldiers to be remembered
And I thought you’d come back home
But I remember you as a loving husband
And you are remembered as a loving father
KENDRA ADAMS…June 17, 2005

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