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2005-06-17 17:27:48 (UTC)

12: Rock Creek Avenue

Chapter Twelve
I stared at my cell phone debating on whether or
not to call Aaron. I was so helpless when it came to him
and I just couldn’t give it up. I pushed “Aaron’s Cell”
and waited for it to ring. After four rings, I got the
infamous voice mail. Why wouldn’t he answer my calls? I
thought. It felt like New Year’s Eve all over again, which
made me think of Matt and why hadn’t I just called him. I
scrolled down to the M’s and realized I didn’t even have
Matt’s cell in my phone, but I had Mike’s. I decided I
would just call their house phone.
“Hello? Ever’s Residence.”
“Hi, is Matt there?” I asked politely. Mr. Ever’s
was one of the nicest guys ever.
“Kaitlyn? Is that you?” He asked. I could just see
the look on his face.
“Yes it is. Hi Mr. Ever’s.” I laughed.
“Hi!” He said and then laughed. “Hold on, I’ll get
Matt for you.” He said and then yelled for him.
“Hello Katy.” Matt said when he picked up the
phone. His dad said good bye and then hung up on the other
line. “What’s up stranger?”
“Stranger, ha.” I laughed. “Not much, just called
to see what you were up to?” I asked.
“I was just playing some “gee-tar.” He said and
then laughed.
“Well, do you think you could give up on the “gee-
tar” and come over and watch a movie with me.” I said
mocking him.
“I guess I could do that.” He said. We both
laughed. “What movie?” He asked.
“It doesn’t matter, you want to pick one up on
your way over?” I asked.
“Sure, sure.” He said. “I’ll be over in about 20
minutes then.” He said.
“Alright, Matthew, see ya then.” I said laughing
and hung up. I figured hanging out with Matt would be a
good idea because he usually took my mind off Aaron and he
was about the only one.
“Hey woman.” Matt said when he walked in the door.
He had a liter of Mountain Dew and the movie in his
hand. “I brought the drinks, I hope that’s okay.” He
“I don’t know if my mom will allow me to have
Mountain Dew.” I laughed. He made a weird face and sat
down on the couch next to me.
“What movie did you get?” I asked peering at the
“Titanic.” He said opening the case.
“Good, that’s my favorite!” I laughed.
“Oh my god, I’m just kidding.” He said in a
sarcastic tone.
“Haha, seriously, what movie did you get?” I asked
“Kill Bill Volume Two.” I gave him a weird face.
“Seriously?” I asked. “That’s gay. I don’t like
Uma Thurman.” I laughed.
“Whatever, dude, she’s awesome in this movie.” He
laughed. “I’m just kidding though, I got Alexander.” He
said and then laughed.
“The one with Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie?” I
asked, even though I knew I was right.
“Yep, that’s the one.” He said and jokingly winked
at me. “Oh hey, does Lauren drive a teal-colored Grand
Dam?” He asked in a serious tone.
“Yeah . . .” I said giving him a weird look. “Why?”
“I thought that was her car.” He said.
“Was she at the video store?” I asked.
“Nope, she was parked along the road on Rock Creek
Avenue.” He said. Rock Creek Avenue, I thought. That’s the
road that Aaron lived on. Why would she be parked there? I
“That’s the road Aaron lives on.” I said. “I don’t
think Lauren knows anyone else that lives on that road.” I
said confused. Matt just stared at me and then I realized
what I was doing was stupid, it probably wasn’t even
Lauren’s car, maybe Matt just thought it was.
“Maybe it wasn’t her car.” He said and then
smiled. “You want me to put the movie in or are you going
to play detective and stalk your friends?” He laughed.
“Hey, don’t be an ass.” I joked. We both laughed.
Even though I was laughing on the outside, the fact that
Lauren’s car could be parked on Aaron’s road, still made
me wonder. “Put the movie in.” I said.
“Are you sure, Sherlock?” He joked again.
“Yes! Put the damn movie in!” I laughed. I turned
off the light and curled up in a blanket next to Matt.
During the whole movie, I thought about why Lauren’s car
could have been there.