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2005-06-17 17:27:02 (UTC)

11: Home Sweet Home

Chapter Eleven
I waved good bye to Tory as she drove away in her
silver Saturn GTS. I hadn’t told her what happened with
Sebastian and she didn’t ask, so I guess it was as simple
as that. I noticed my mom’s car was in the drive way and I
was really excited to see her. I was so tired and a little
hung over and the four hour car ride didn’t contribute
much to how I was feeling. I opened the front door and
instantly felt the heat of the house. Not good, I thought.
I took a deep breath, begging my insides not to let loose.
I didn’t want to throw up.
“Kate? Is that you?” My mom said peeking her head
out of the kitchen. I laughed and walked towards her. I
all of a sudden felt anxious butterflies.
“Mom!” I said and threw my arms around her. She
squeezed me tight. I missed her so much and it felt so
good to have her arms around me. She always gave the best
comfort hugs. “I missed you!” I said, still hugging her.
“Oh, Katy, I missed you too.” She said. We pulled
away from each other. “How was the college visit?” Wait,
did she actually think I was going on a college visit? I
“What?” I asked giving her a confused look. “I
didn’t go on a college visit.” I laughed.
“I know, I know, but you know what I mean!” She
laughed. “How was the college-boy-visit.” She smirked.
“Oooh.” I said. “It was fun. Lots of fun!” I
said. “How were the Bahama’s?”
“Hot and beautiful.” She said. “I only came back
to see you!” She said and kissed my forehead. She looked
away and then turned back to me. “How are things with
Aaron? Did the progress at all?” The dreaded question: How
are things with Aaron?
“I don’t know. . .” I said and walked over and sat
at the kitchen table.
“What is it?” My mom asked. She poured herself a
cup of tea and sat across from me.
“Things were bad when you left, as you know and
then things were good for a day and now he’s not talking
to me again.” I said and sighed. “I just don’t
understand.” I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I was too
tired and so sick of crying over Aaron.
“I’m sorry, Kate, but I think you should move on.”
My mom said. She was always honest when it came to the
gentlemen. “There are so many other boys out there and
lately, the way Aaron’s been treating you, it’s not good.”
She said. I knew she was right, but it’s just not that
easy to let go of someone you love.
“I know.” I said. I laid my head down on the
counter and let a few tears fall out.
“Why don’t you go lay down and when you wake up,
I’ll have some lunch ready for you.” My mom
said. “Whatever you want, I’ll make it.” She smiled. I
smiled back and walked into the living room. It seemed
like the living room was the place to be when you’re
feeling down. I grabbed a blanket and curled up on the