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2005-06-16 23:55:32 (UTC)

Last day of Grade 11!

So today was the last day of grade 11. Whoot! So this
morning I woke up late - 7:35. Yikes. haha I fell back
asleep after my mother woke me up. haha. So anyways I got
ready and me and Katie walked to school (my mom couldn't
drive us because she had a dentist appointment at 8). We
got to school and to our lockers just as the bell rang. We
luckily weren't late. Not that it would have mattered

Yesterday:We finished watching "The Medicine Man" and
that's pretty much it. And Mr. Huie told us what was gonna
be on the 2 unit exams we were gonna have the next day.
Then after class I asked him if teachers could request
students since students aren't aloud to request teachers
and I told him that he should request for me to be in his
Social 30 class because I always used to get 60s in social
and now I'm doing so good and it's all because he's a
really good teacher.
Today:We wrote our last two exams. I actually didn't do
too good on them. But whatever. Then we got our report
card marks and I'm finishing Social 20 with 81.3% which is
quite decent however I'm actually disappointed in myself
because I had a 95% for quite a while. But 81 is still

Musical Theater-
Yesterday:People finished their solo projects and then we
pretty much did whatever we wanted. Me and Caitlyn went to
my locker for food and then to the bathroom and then on
our way back to class we saw Jessy and Tammy and people
playing cards and I was like "OMG! We are so playing too!"
So me and Caitlyn and Dan and Dayne joined in and we
played Cheat/Bullshit then me and Jessy played Spit-Speed
and it was amazing fun. Great times NOT going back to
class! Haha.
Today:Wow I actually don't remember what we did. Oh yeah.
On a sheet of paper we had to write out our likes,
dislikes and "Musical Theater is...". Then we had the rest
of the class to do whatever we wanted. Take pictures, talk
to people...oh and we got back our marks for our finals.
Ok for the group project my group got 86%. Ok and before I
tell you what I got on my solo part I'll tell you about
how that went since I probably didn't write about it since
I haven't really been on much in the past few days. Ok so
I was gonna sing Rainbow High from Evita but at the last
minute I decided to sing A Whole New World from Aladdin
because I already knew it and it was easier. So I sang it
and I was so scared. I wasn't even scared until I got up
on stage. Wheew. And then my legs started shaking and I
grabbed them and was like "URGH STOP IT!" and the class
laughed at me. haha. Then I started singing I croaked out
the "I..." and then I had to cough so I stopped and
coughed to clear my throat and started again. But I
evidently didn't clear my throat well enough because I
started losing my voice on high notes due to the fact I
had to cough. So I didn't stop because that would be dumb
and I just kept on going. Then I was done and I had only
squeaked out on afew of the high notes. And I went back to
where I was sitting on totally shaky almost useless legs
feeling like I was gonna burst out in tears at any minute.
Who knows why. lol how stupid. And Caitlyn and Dan and
Janessa and everybody around me was all 'Oh you did so
good Nicole! yay!" and I turned to Caitlyn with tears in
my eyes and I was like "I think I really need a hug" and
she gave me a hug. lol I was near tears for like the rest
of the day. And I really don't know why. It's not like
anything extremely bad happend. Whatever. So ready for my
mark...??? I GOT AN 85%. LIKE WHOA! That's pretty good.
One of the higher marks in the class. There was like 85s,
88s and one or two 90s so I was like WHOA! So that's
extremely and I was very happy. So that's the end of my
Musical Theater story.

Lunch- Me and Katie and Kayla hung out. And sat on wet
grass. Yay. It really wasn't a very thrilling lunch for it
being our last one of Grade 11.

Math- It really wasn't all that bad. We had some review
notes then the teacher handed us out the rest of our exams
to go over and then she was like "Ok and what do you guys
need to remember for tomorrow's exam?" and I was
like "Calculator...batteries...SHIT!!!!" Unfourtunately
for me the SHIT came out really loud. The whole class went
silent as I went red. Whoopee. I was like "I mean
shhhhoot...I am so sorry I did not mean to say that at
all!" lol ok so why did I say shit? Last night at tutoring
the little message thinger came onto my screen saying that
my batteries needed to be changed. That would be why. And
because I need to get new ones and I couldn't forget or
I'm so screwed for the Math final tomorrow. lol so that
was slightly embarassing. Then I asked to go get my text
book from my locker so I could hand it in and she was
like "Only if you don't go around the hallways being rude
and cursing." (she said it sorta jokingly and saracstic).
So I explained my story about my batteries dying at
tutoring and how I even phoned myself to remind me that I
had to get new batteries and I completely forgot and so
on. Then she let me go. And I wrote "BATTERIES**** unshit"
on my arm. Haha. And I taped a note on my calculator that
said to buy it new batteries, and when I asked for tape to
tape it on, Mrs. Forsyth gave me a sticker so I wouldn't
forget and Katie wrote "Nicole=batteries" on her hand so
she'd remember to call me to remind me. So anyways. Then
later on in math class I just so happened to look at the
back bullitin board thinger where there's all these wierd
pictures. Yes of course I've seen it before but I've never
exactly LOOKED at it. So then Mrs. Forsyth walked into the
room (where'd she go?) and was like "Nicole get back to
work." and I was like "Wait...I don't get those pictures."
They looked wierd. They were like sorta 3D but they had
wierd patterns and I dunno it was like you were supposed
to find some hidden picture in them or something. So
anyways. That ended up in me getting over half of the
class looking at the pictures and trying to figure them
out. And Louie was like "You're dumb. What don't you get?"
but Tanner was the same as me. He didn't get them either.
So that was my math adventure.

I have to go for supper now. Later!

Ok so continuing on...

Bio- (I'll just do today because yesterday nothing
interesting happened that's worth typing out.)
Today: Our teacher gave us our marks (yay 71%!) and gave
us a sheet which told us what we should study for the
final. Then she gave us popsicles and we got to watch a
movie. Yes a bio movie about like polar bears and icy
water and animals and stuff but a movie. And popsicles.
What a nice teacher. Also what a nice way to spend a last
class. Especially a last class of the day and school year.
So that was a jolly good time. Then we got to leave class
like 15 minutes early because of "Facey Falls" which is
where you get to go to the part of the school which
overlooks the cafeteria and throw down all your school
papers that you don't want anymore and its great fun. I
watched people do it as I walked by on my way home. No I
didn't do it. I save my notes and I need them for studying
anyways. Yeah I'm a party pooper. Oh well. Next year
though I'll bring all my junior high and high school stuff
and half the papers covering the floor and tables and
chairs will be mine. Muah ha ha ha. lol. Anyways. So I
walked home. I took off my sandals and waked home in
barefeet. Yes I'm cool, but my sandal was really hurting
my foot. And barefeet was so much nicer. Anyways. Most of
the school was still inside either cleaning out their
lockers or doing Facey Falls so I was one of the few who
left early. I got home at 3:25. Wow. lol That's usually
the time I get out of Bio on a normal day. So anyways I
have tutoring soon.

Oh I have a story. Ok so I didn't write on tuesday (or
wednesday either for that matter...anyways) and we had a
soccer game. Exhibition against the purple U21 team at
McGahn. So we were playing for about 5-10 minutes and
there were these little kids on the little kid field and
they were so cute. haha it was funny. This one boy on one
of the teams took off his jersey and was running around
shirtless and all the little girls were screaming and
running after him. Quite an amusing site. So anyways. We
were playing. And all the while there was thunder going
off and it was obviously gonna storm sooner or later. Then
it started lightning-ing too - pretty badly too, so the
ref blew the whistle and said he was gonna hold the game
off for about 15 minutes until the storm passed because he
didn't wanna risk anybody getting hit by lightning or
anything. So we were kinda crushed and so we walked off
the field and the other team went to their cars to wait
the storm out like the ref said we should, but my team
just sat at the sidelines and talked. Then my dad came
over and he said we should go to the truck before it
starts raining. And just at the moment afew raindrops come
down and then two seconds later its absolutely pouring and
we're all running for our vehicles or some sort of
shelter. By the time I got to the truck I was soaked and
cold. My dad, Katie, Jill and I sat in the truck until the
storm passed and then the ref said we'd play two 30 minute
halves. By that time though most of us had actually lost
our enthusiasm for playing (lol like me.) and yes. We tied
them. Which was pathetic because they're not even very
good. But oh well. So we play Tomlinson (Kayla B, Ashley
Watson and Shannon Kinsella's team) on Sunday and then on
Tuesday we play Rudland's team. If we beat Rudland then we
go to provincials. I'm excited for provincials (even
though they're only in Morinville which sucks because no
road trip pretty much.) but it might be the same weekend
at the Extreme Youth trip. So that would definately suck.
Because they were both a major part of my summer. So I'm
raelly hoping that they AREN'T the same weekend or I'll be
very crushed.

Anyways that's my story. Also just for all of those who and Chelsea are fighting again. Honestly why do
so many people have a problem with atleast ONE thing on my
Summer list? HER problem is that I said I wanna go to a
bush party this summer. Well last summer at the end of it
she was like going to a party every night and bragging
about drinking and just plain being and ass and totally
being different. So I got mad at her. And now she's all
pissed off and calling my a hypocrate because now I want
to go to a bush pary when last summer I got mad and
bitched at her for going to one. The only thing
is...that's not all I was getting mad at her for. It was a
small part. And besides I'm not going there to drink. So
whatever. She was all mad and saying how much of a
hypocrate I am and I was like "Oh and you're NOT a
hypocrate?" Like honestly...everybody's a hypocrate at
some point in their lives. And she is. She'd always tell
Kayla that Kayla was her best friend and then go behind
Kayla's back and talk about her. She always said that
she'd never go out with a guy one of her friends liked.
When I liked Ryan she said she'd never go out with him
because I liked him, yet when Katie liked Mark Chelsea
went out with him. And she KNEW Katie liked him too. And
her and Katie were actually friends at that point. Yeah
she talked to Katie about it to make sure Katie wouldn't
be mad at her or anything. But honestly what was Katie
supposed to do? Ban her from Mark? NO! So seriously. And
Chelsea was still like "I'M NOT A FUCKING HYPOCRATE
No I know the definition and like 5 of my friends agree
with me and also that everybody is at some point a
hypocrate. But Chelsea still can't admit it. She can't
admit anything.
hess says:
but i don't know either of you very well
//niCole* .Well I cAn't Help buT be ScarEd of iT all
sOmetimeS. Say's the RaiN's gonNa wasH aWay I beLievE it;;
yeah. lol. well the difference between us is that i can
admit when i'm wrong and when i'm being a bitch and when i
lied and she can't. she deinies it and twists everything
hess says:
yeah true
See? Atleast I can admit when I've done something wrong.
She sure can't. She totally denies it and then tries to
make you drop the subject, yet when she's right she won't
shut up at all. That's one of the things I really don't
like about her. But whatever it's her life and if she
doesn't want any friends then I really don't care. Me and
her are NOT friends anymore and I WILL NOT be her friend
again. I don't need a friend like her. I have Katie, Kayla
and Annette who are my best friends. They're always there
for me, they listen, help me with my problems and they
tell me when I'm wrong and they can actually admit when
they're wrong too. And they don't obsess about every
single guy. And say "I'm so done with guys. I'm never
going out with another guy ever again" after they break up
with a guy and then 2 weeks later have another boyfriend.
Either way. My life is happier now that I've got real good
friends who I can actually count on to be there for me.
And now that I've got her off my shoulders. Luckily none
of my other friends consistantly annoy the shit out of me
like she always used to. And they don't care when I don't
care about every single thing they say. They actually
understand me. And so that's good stuff.
Haha and on another note that isn't talking about
Chelsea...I told Ben about how I really want an older
brother. lol. He pretty much ruined my dream by saying
that it couldn't happen and that he hardly ever sees his
brother who's 3 years older than him. Either way I want a
guy friend who'll act like my older brother. That's the
best I can get. So yes. But I should really go now.

Peace out. Nicole.

Tomorrow- Math unit exam.
Sunday- Church (? maybe. Youth meeting after church...)
Soccer game at 1:00- Estates
Monday- Bio unit exam.

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