The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-06-16 22:08:07 (UTC)

Job Searches

Dear Diary

I called Wal-mart just now and I may be getting an
interview for tomorrow. Thank God! I need a job something
awful. I"m gonna call JCPenny right now...hang on.

It's ringing...ringing...ringing....That was rude! I just
called a bunch of places and nobody wants to listen to
me. "We'll Call you" Yeah right! Dammit! That's fuckin'
retarded! Ugh! I can't get a job. If I don't get a call
soon, I'm gonna scream!

I went to stay with Emily last night. I was really bored.
Obviously. I hate staying with her. All she does is stay
online. Oh well, I stayed on the phone. LOL! hehhehe. I
talked to Becky and Joey. lol. Go me!

I was wanting to go to the movies tonight but, Karen was
too tired. She's boring. Oh well. I'm hungry...can't eat.
Gotta lose weight. I already ate today. Whoops! Had no
choice. I was with Emily like I said. Oh well. I just wont'
eat for the rest of the day. YAY!

I"m outtie