Hollow Years
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2005-06-16 21:51:29 (UTC)

What hurts more is that i would still die for you

Went to the cinema tonight with anna denise and helen was
fun :)

Dan was online before :):) lol

i decided not go caf because i felt ill and i would get
more ill also i was only going to get his email address and
i would of ocme home depressed as per usual and i hate it
when i do ruins my whole night...

Nothing much else to say really..I'm really looking foward
to Greenday :):) aww me linzi i think she is sleeping on
saturday aswell :):):) 3 Linzi 3

Song: U2 - Love rescue me
Mood: Okay feel a bit ill
Love: Seth Cohen (he was in the film!!!!!!!) and Linzi n
Emma 3

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