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Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist...
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2005-06-16 16:23:12 (UTC)


I'm unsure as to whether i should carry on bothering with
Richard... i'm starting to get to the point where i can't
stand him anymore...
I'm supposed to be going out to insanitorium with him 2nite,
but i'm unsure as to whether i will or not... Probably will
though coz i don't wan2 miss it... but i bet i'll get fucked
off with richard and end up leaving...
I text him earlier, and asked him when he wanted me to come
over... and he was like "i'm in the playhouse, come in a
meet me..." and i was like "no thanks, i'm not in the mood,
but i'll get dropped at ur house..." and he told me to be
there by 5pm...
i text him a minute ago checking that he was in... but he
was like "oh no, i'm still in the playhouse, but i'm on my
last drink! come here and meet me..." but i don't want to!
does he not get the fucking idea! if i wanted to go and
drink in the playhouse then i would! but now i'm getting
dropped to his at 6pm instead... and will probably end up
falling out with him for the whole evening... oh he's gonna
fuck me off!
Well anywho, 2moro nite i'm goin over 2 sams with julie
(bex) and charlotte, coz the next day we're goin 2 see
greenday, so i think we'll be drinkin 2moro nite just 2 get
us in the mood! lol...
i enjoy being with my friends so much more than being with
richard now, and i rekon he probably feels the same!
I'm gonna see how 2nite goes though! this'll be his last
chance... if he fucks me off at all, then thats it... it over...

Well i will keep you informed...