Autum's Leaves
2005-06-16 15:13:33 (UTC)

Sex God???

Subtitled: Strawberry Lies.

Okay, no one steal that subtitle, cause it's actually
the name to one of my songs.

My Boarder talked to me the other night. He wanted me
to go see him, but of course I couldn't because my
piercing is still really ginger and I'm still on my
period. *sigh* My body just dosen't know what to do now
that I'm not on bc, but I'll be back to normal next week,

Yesterday, I saw the Guy. He...I just can't think of a
good name for him, because he's just... so attractive, so
sweet, so...absolutely almost perfect. But, I went to go
see him and we cuddled and then we fooled around the rest
of the day. He's so passionate...I just can't even
describe being with him, it's addictive. I guess he feels
the same way though, he told me he was hooked...that I was
a beauty queen, lol. Guys. But, he was just really sweet,
I asked him when he wanted me to leave, so he could be
free, and he said he didn't want to be free, that I should
stay there with him. I gave him head and apparently it was
the best he'd ever had, he actually said we needed to
change my name to God. Apparently he'd never had good head
before. *shrugs* And that's one of my favorite things to
do, so I've had a little experience with that. I wanted
him so bad it wasn't even funny, I thought I was gonna
explode or something. He was about the same way though. At
the end of the day, this chick showed up and wanted to see
him, and I didn't get to finish him off, which made me
sad, I HATE not finishing. But I was like... are you
sleeping with her? No. Are you seeing her? No. She comes
in and is like, I'm sorry, I thought I was the only one
sleeping with *him*.


Well, that was interesting. I just smiled and laughed
and they argued and I went out to my car. He felt really
bad, he'd barely look at me in the eye. I told him I
wasn't mad...and that I wasn't going to make him dig
himself out of this huge pit or anything, but he was gonna
have to earn a little back...he asked me if I knew that he
meant everything he said though, I said I hoped so.

I really like the guy, but that was kinda bad. I mean,
we're not dating so he dosen't really have to tell me that
stuff, and he dosen't have to stop sleeping with other
people (even though I'm way better looking than her, not
even being conceeded)(Yes, I know I spelled that wrong). I
told him I was still sleeping with the boarder, but he
needed to tell me if he had a problem with it.

*shrugs* I e-mailed him. He hasn't gotten back to me
yet. We'll just have to see what happens. Maybe I'll call

Anyways, if anyone has any advice, let me know.