Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-06-16 11:57:24 (UTC)


Thinking it was wrong to focus so much on my own pain
When, in fact, the whole world is suffering
I was being a wuss
My pain is nothing
Compared to what so many others endure
And to go further, my pain is less than nothing next to His,
being forsaken with the weight of the world on his shoulders
And this all for me, for everyone who was, is, and will be.

But comparison gets me nowhere at all
Of course, there is better as well.
Focusing on my own pain
Well I shouldn't entirely

After all, I do care for others
More so than before
Because now I know how much love, compassion, and just
knowing there is someone else out there, is worth
A simple compliment or question could possibly make
someone's day
Usually, you have no idea
So many things you do can unknowingly impact one's life to
an extreme degree - positively and negatively.

The more I think about it
Living like this is more
Than a little inconvenient
It has become daily problematic
Caused sleepless nights
And I am just not good at
Handling pain
I can't help it
I don't want to complain too much
But it's nice having someone to talk to
Every once in a while
Even if not as much as a response as I give
In writing, of course, for me that's it.


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