Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-06-16 10:13:14 (UTC)


well Master Joel i can finally wish You a happy birthday.
with time difference i woke this morning thinking of Your
birthday all day. i wanted to be online to be the 1st one
to say it but i got held up at work until after 6-30. i
assumed You would have been in bed by then so didnt log in
until now.

i wish i was there to make Your birthday a special one. i
would make sure i woke You the way You most wanted. then to
make a special breakfast before sending You off to work. or
maybe You could go in late and Wwe could celebrate in only
a way that You know best Master.

Have a great day and once again Master HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

i love You, i adore You, i am Yours completely Master

Master Joels collared slave jess.

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