Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-16 05:44:05 (UTC)

Thank You, Master

Dearest Master,

Thank You so much for Your post in this slave's journal.
You are correct that this slave made no mention of her
misdeeds or her impending punishments in her latest entry
detailing what she loves about O/our relationship. this
slave does not love the fact that she makes errors requiring
punishment, but she does love that You love her enough to
correct her in the form of severe corporal punishment. As
she has written of in previous entries, she loves the act of
punishment and appreciates the release it brings. this
slave is so lucky that You chose her and now own her
completely; mind, body and soul.

Yes, Master, You own this slave, but You never demanded
anything from this slave. this slave gave herself to You,
freely and without reservation. You are the Man that this
slave used to imagine during those sweaty, pubescent,
masturbatory nights. this slave had no idea who You were at
that time, nor did she realize that You actually existed.
As far as she knew, at that time, was that she wanted,
needed a man to control her every move, to give her pain
when she needed it, as well as gentle guidance when that was
appropriate. Your face was always shadowy and hidden when
You came to her in her hot, sticky dreams, but she loved You
and yearned for You none-the-less. this slave achieved many
a climax, alone in her little girl room, thinking of You,
and imagining the day she would give her heart and soul to a
man who would love her enough to take control of her life
and make her His. Thank You so much, Master, for being that
Man. You are the King of this slave's soul, the Lord of
this slave's body, and the Captain of this slave's heart.
These, this slave has given over to You of her own free
will. this slave's free will is now gone and gone forever.
she happily trusts and depends on You to provide her with
all her needs, both spiritually, socially, and sexually.
she has no need to make decisions on her own. this slave is
happily, and without hesitation, Your loving, loyal, and
devoted slave-pet,


P.S. Master, please cum home soon. Your slave needs You -