2005-06-16 04:46:25 (UTC)

let in the sunshine

words do not echo in my mind
but looks do.
those expressions of yours
the smile of surrending the walls that others have to put up
because they're no good here.
when all that's left is just the
comfortable and inexplicable understanding
the comfort that has built up into it's own little
nest of security because we just know
we just know the other to the point where it doesn't matter
and yeah words were said hours at a time
conversations of importance
but looking back into the things i miss it's your face at
times when we had just been sitting there and both catch the
other's eye and it's a meaningless little moment but from
afar it's just so special to be able to even pause and smile
for that second at someone else who's just so real.
and it's not what was said afterwards but waking up to
see someone's face. being able to watch them as they dream
is so special. there's something so vulnerable and innocent
and almost childlike about it. and it's not so much as a
maternal feeling but a human intimacy. and not in a sexual
way. i won't belittle it in that way. it's something that
extends past the physical but the way the sun warms your
skin and the browns and golds of your hair and the stubble
on your chin were like viewing an angel.
faces are supposed to grow blurry with
time. but i guess that would mean leaving them behind, and
when you don't go a day without thinking of someone maybe
that keeps them alive just a little longer.
memories remain and few words persist but
expressions and freeze frames will last me.

there were days upon days. whether it's gone now or
not. there was a time of truth i rarely get to see in
people. i think that people rarely get to see in people. one
you can't deny or can't entirely forget away. for a while,
there was a time.