Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-16 04:02:29 (UTC)

GOOD bitch bliss

you have left out the referances to your "errors"
and disrespect. This weekend will bring my direction and
correction. Not to bring undue and unwarranted punisment
but to give you the needed guidence and release from the
burden of your misdeeds. MY LOVE for you is unwavering in
its call to duty in carring out MY obligation to you as
your MASTER, KEEPER and OWNER. I did not take on this
position lightly or quickly as you will well recall. I
made sure of your feelings so that there would never be a
time when someone could say this was my idea to be a
control-freak,abusive or domineering husband. I now own
you with all that implies. Make no mistake I adore and
love you.