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2005-06-16 01:17:36 (UTC)

My Diary

This Diary Isn't Just A Diary, so i have decided atleast. I
think that i will also use this diary as a portal for my
poetry and songs that i write (the lyrics) and
quotes...etc. Hopefully through these things you will be
able to learn even more about me and my life. It you read
between the lines of my poetry and lyrics, you will see the
true meanings of what i say. If you still don't understand,
i will provide a short statement in another entry for you
to read. this entry will be titled after what i wrote.

eX: "My Diary"


See, it will be the first letter of each word i wrote in
the title. Don';t worry if you don't like poetry or stuff
like that because i will also include normal entries every
couple of days.

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