Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-15 23:58:15 (UTC)

How much this slave misses Master

Dearest Master,

this slave is missing You already. You have to be half way
across the state tomorrow, so You had to leave this
afternoon. You want to arrive at a reasonable hour, and be
able to get a good night's sleep. this slave totally
understands why You need to leave this afternoon, but she
certainly misses You when You are not here. this slave
can't even stand to sleep in Your bed when You are not here.
she will bunk downstairs with the kids, playing games,
watching DVD's and eating popcorn. this slave knows it
sounds fun, and it is, but not nearly as much fun as
spending time with You.

The rain has stopped for the moment, although all the ball
games were cancelled tonight. They were cancelled last
night as well. W/we will have to see what happens with
tomorrow's game. If it is cancelled, W/we won't have
another game till Saturday.

this slave has a job interview Friday. she is a little
nervous about this one because she doesn't really have
anything to wear. The job is a professional position, and
she has lost quite a bit of weight since the last time she
had a job in such a setting. You will also be dying her
hair, since You had to go out of town and can't do it tonight.

this slave spoke briefly with You earlier about her feelings
about going back to work, and You assured her that no job in
the world is worth more to U/us than O/our children. Even
if this slave has to take a high paying job and give it up
after only a couple of months, she will do it. Educating
O/our children is her top priority. Thank You, Master.
this slave needs Your reassurance.

Tomorrow this slave sees the gynecologist. she is actually
looking forward to the appointment, because this should
signal the end of the treatment of her chronic cervical
inflammation. Then, this slave can resume a normal sex
life. Ha ha ha ha... Like You and this slave have ever had
a "normal" sex life. this slave doesn't think she could
stand to have what most people would consider to be a
"normal" sex life. she loves what is normal for U/us
though. she loves being bound with her legs spread wide and
her bottom in the air. she loves the feel of the whip,
crop, paddle, or cane on her upturned, bare butt. she loves
the feel of Your cock, poised against her pussy or a**hole.
she especially loves the feel of Your fingers pulling and
pinching her nipples till they swell and stick out a good
inch above her dark brown aerolae. she loves being tied
down on her back while You beat her breasts with the cane
and the rubber flogger. she loves lying on her back with
her head hanging off the edge, then You straddle her face so
she can lick up and down the crack of Your ass until she
finally discovers Your a**hole, which she licks and french
kisses with abandon. she also loves kneeling before You,
taking Your cock deeply into her mouth, licking it with her
tongue, while You hold her head either by her pony tails or
her ears and f*** her mouth with all Your might. she loves
when You jack off Your cock, cumming all over her face and
body. she loves kneeling before You in the bathroom while
You shower her face, hair and body with Your p***. she
loves squatting on the floor in front of You, squirting her
own p*** into a plastic box so You can both see and hear her
peeing. she loves lying back on the bed, spreading her legs
wide, while You rub Your cock and balls against her naked
pussy. she loves feeling You f*** her mouth, then pulling
out, cumming all over her face, and then smacking her across
the face with Your hand. she loves being collared, tied and
clamped, led around by a leash, being Your little whore dog,
eating from a dish on the floor, kneeling between Your legs,
licking and nuzzling at Your cock. she loves mounting You
while You lie on Your back, and riding You to orgasm...
Yours, not hers. Well, sometimes hers... if she has been an
exceedingly good slave... Master, this slave misses You so
much. Please come home soon, but most of all, come home safe.

The rain has returned, and You have called this slave
several times during this post. she misses You so much, and
wishes You were here right now, holding her, touching her in
the special way that only You know...

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,