Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-06-15 20:34:51 (UTC)

Messed Up Dream - AW

Alright so I freaked out a little this morning when I woke
up but I think anyone would if they had the dream that I
I was biking though a park with my old roommate Brittany,
her mom, and her brother (even though he wasn't really her
brother since hers are all older). We stopped so her
brother could look out at a lake that was really close to
the path and Brittany asked if we could trade bikes. I
looked at hers and noticed it was covered with spiders and
spider webs.. and they weren't little spiders.. they were
freaking huge spiders. I told her that I wouldn't take her
bike unless all the spiders were off it and then I looked
down and noticed that there were spiders on my bike too. I
jumped off my bike and ran a little way away. I then felt
spider webs on my legs so I tried pulling them off me but
they were also going in me in a very disturbing place..
somewhere spider webs should never ever be.. I kept
pulling on the webs and felt them snag on something.. as I
continued pulling, a salamander came out with it...and
then another one.. and then another one.. was freaking out
and looked at my stomach and could see through a part of
it and could see more salamanders in me.. I was crying and
screaming and didn't think I'd ever get all of them out..
when I woke up I could still feel them coming out of me
and I freaked.. I never really thought I'd have to feel
like I was giving birth to salamanders and I never want to
feel that ever again..
It just made me want to rip my stomach open..