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2005-06-15 19:54:36 (UTC)

old ways

i feel abit crappy...i duno y...i felt weird in the cafe
2day wiv every1...i duno im feelin reli low...i jus kinda
feel like i used 2 an i rlei dont wana! its diferent now
tho...cos b4 i didnt reli c a point in me bein around but
stuffs happend since then so i cant even think oh well ill
leave cos i cant du that! i jus took loadsa stuf out on
dave an he was like well sorry i was onli tryin 2 he shud av bin like that wiv me cos i was bein
aucward an nasty...i sed sos...i didnt mean to i jus feel
abit crappy! i wana cry but thers ppl around...oh well i
supose i jus gota try an pull my self 2geth an stop slipin
bk! its nufin rlei bad happend...jus in my head agen
prob..tis stuf like i jus feel like im a burden or
sumfin...but not like that..i cant explain...i feel like
ppl dont want me ther an that i am jus not the kinda
person ppl wiv matt, its like he jus wants 2 get
wiv me 2 impress his m8s an i dont reli wana b used by
him! i dont wana b used or use eva agen! iv dun loadsa
things im not proud off an i dont wana go bk 2 old ways!
an old ways of thinkin! oh well...i gota keep my chin up
an try not 2 totaly break! hana helps alot cos shes always
ther 4 me tellin me all the things i need 2 hear so i
supose sum1 likes me 4 hu i am! iv got fam i
supose...i kinda wana go 2 college sooner an get goin on
that cos it will giv me sumfin 2 du 2 get my mind off
stuff insted of havin 2 du exams an sit round! an then i
wont av 2 b worring bout wetha iv passed! i mean it dont
mata that much anyways! i can jus put things back a yr an
thats not 2 bad its jus i wana et on wiv things!!

well enuf rambleins! bye

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