The life and times
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2001-10-09 15:53:39 (UTC)


My last entry was basically to just bring you up to speed
and to let you know where my life is. I still love Julie,
but I realize she doesnt want me and I must move on. THere
are two girls that I am interested in, the first
being "Svetlana". SHe is absolutley adorable, I would sit
back and just smile as she would talk about animals and
nature, and just watch her get all excited when she saw
little creatures. She makes me very happy and would give
anything to be close to her. Sometimes I think she feels
the same way but she is too hung up on her boyfriend or ex-
boyfriend, whatever the case may be now. I wonder if I
should even bother trying,she just doesnt seem to realize
that her boyfriend is poison to her and everyone around
her. Why date him and be miserable, when you can just as
easily be happy?
The other girl I like is named "lisa". I havent known her
for very long but we get along great. We both have an
interest in cooking and she was talking about teaching me
how to make tortillas. Friday we were talking about apple
pie and how she liked the streusel topping instead of the
regular crust. Well like the soft hearted guy that I am,
when I went home over the weekend I made her the pie. I
gave it to her and got a really weird look. Go figure. I
felt completely worthless and stupid, I was just trying to
do something nice, and to show her that I like her. What is
so wrong with that? For some reason, all women talk about
is how they want a sweet guy to sweep them off their feet
and one that can cook would be nice too.Yet, when present
themselves to them, they are frightened off. I know over
the years men pretty much treated women like shit,its
changing a bit, but women still are mistreated. The thing
that I wonder is if it is now some genetic thing where
women think they needed to be treated like shit. I mean if
a girl is presented two guys to choose from, they both look
the same and have the same job, the only difference is one
guy is an asshole and the other is the guy women claim they
all want, how come 9 out of 10 will choose the asshole? I
dont get this. I hear women complaining all the time about
the man, and I just sit and wonder why they are with them.
Is it money? Is it looks? Then I see the guy, now I'll be
first to admit that I am no prize, but I see these guys and
even I can see that I am better looking than them, nicer
and more loving than them, yet I am the one that has a hard
time finding someone that will love me for who I am. I just
dont understand it. If anyone reading this has any idea why
this is, please let me know. I am curious beyond belief.

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