2005-06-15 14:37:46 (UTC)


The weather isn't cooperating yet. The high temperatures
have been in the low 70's the past few days, it's been
cloudy and there have even been a few showers but summer is

I finished Anne Bartlett's _Knitting_ and I enjoyed the
read. Martha was pressured to finish the garments for the
exhibition but refused to use a knitting machine even
though, technically, the items could still be called "hand
knit". I liked that. I know that knitters in New England
sell small items like hats and scarves made with knitting
machines as "hand knit" but I think it's misleading. I also
enjoyed the scene when the psychiatrist who had treated her
years ago showed up at the exhibition and what she said to
him. The book really was about the two women and their
relationship; it just happened to be knitting that brought
them together. I'll keep an eye out for the next Bartlett

Right now I'm reading _Black Fly Season_ by Giles Blunt.
The setting is in northern Ontario and while he's changed
the name it's actually North Bay where some of my aunties
and cousins live so although the book has a bit too much
violence in it, it's also a good read.

I went to the United Methodist Oregon Idaho Annual
Conference last week and am grateful for the experience. It
was exciting, educational, confusing, exhausting, and

The last few weeks have been busy. Owen, Gavin and Hugh
have finished their classes and all three did well. Jessica
has graduated from the university and we went to her party
on Saturday afternoon. Gavin is working full time for
Hewlett Packard and saving his money to go back to school in
the fall. Owen and Hugh will be working at a grass seed
warehouse which isn't far from here and that will keep them
busy and earning a little money too.

What this means for me is that I will have much more free
time to do what I like for the next few months. I have
yardwork and flower and produce gardening, knitting,
quilting, planning picnics and cook-outs, reading, taking
an occasional afternoon nap, sketching, and later in the
summer, canning. On John's days off we'll be going to
thrift shops, farmer's markets, used bookstores, and antique

Summer, glorious summer!