Autum's Leaves
2005-06-15 04:33:59 (UTC)

Say It Aint So...

"Say it ain't're love is a heartbreaker..."
-the one and only Weezer.

My life is crazy.

You'll never guess what I did. I got my inner labia
pierced yesterday, holy crap, I can't believe I did that.
It hurt like a bitch, to be completely honest, that was
some painful shit for two seconds.

Regardless, my boarder and I are still sleeping
together, and my man (j-sizzle) and I are seeing each
other tomorrow. Yay! Cause I really missed him. We cuddle
a lot and it's wonderful.

My ex is completely out of my life, the shit eating
heartless selfish bastard. He pissed me off so bad I
thought I could have killed him. I'm not seeing him
anymore, but he has my ps2 games and I want them
that's going to be a challange, since he won't give them
to me. *sigh* He's so childish...It hurts me. And to think
at one time we loved each other so's sad really.

I'm scatterbrained at the moment cause I'm trying to
talk to four guys and they won't leave me alone. I also
have a three hour drive in the morning and no one
comprehends how badly I hate getting up.

*sigh* So wish me luck tomorrow...I really like this
guy...and we get along really well, so let's be hopeful
for me. Thanks.