Daily Journal
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2005-06-15 02:36:25 (UTC)

June 14th

Hello my Master,
Sorry i didn't have this done earlier. I like to do
it at night so that I can talk about everything that
happened during the day and also b/c its something to do
when i'm waiting up late for you. I just thought you were
planning on going to work, so i didnt expect you to be on
right now. So i apologize for not getting it done
earlier. Well this day really turned out a lot better
than I thought it would. I wasnt expecting to do anything
exciting, but then i got to talk to you for a long time
and that was so nice. Just talking about little
unimportant things and then just talking about other more
important things is so nice. Its so different on the
phone. I love hearing you so much. Just something about
hearing your voice is incredibly comforting and it just
makes me feel like everything is ok and it just makes
everything seem that much more real. So just talking
tonight and then getting to cum three times was also
really amazing. That is definitly the most satisfied i've
been in ages. On the phone its so much better, so i'm
pretty much satisfied from just one if thats all we have
time for. So like three was amazing. And i know the
swats with the hairbrush are supposed to be
punishment...but oh wow...that was so amazing. I'm going
to try harder to remember to ask for permission to stay up
and to not use one word sentences, but the swats really
werent terrible enough to scare me into remembering. I
mean they hurt a lot, and they stung, but yeah...i
definitly think i'm at least somewhat of a masochist. I
dont really know the full extent of how much pain i like
because i havent pushed my limits, thats the most i've
done so i wasnt sure if that would be pleasureable or
not. But yeah, it definitly was. The pain and everything
got me so excited. Hmmm...i definitly have a few bruises,
nothing terrible but definitly a couple. My inner thighs
are actually ok except for a couple very red welts. My
butt is bruised a bit. And i've got a bruise on my right
breast. And then other than that just lots of red welts.
They show up very noticeably on my fair skin. I did
actually wear shorts to kickboxing tonight...I have some
noticeable welts, but its so hot and they arent that awful
looking so i was like whatever. No one asked, lol. I
think that talking on the phone makes the wait until my
birthday seem longer for a little while. Just after
hearing your voice and having it seem that much more real
makes me want it so much more for a while. I dont know if
that makes sense or not...hmmm, well i could probably go
on for hours about how wonderful it was to get to talk to
you today. I'm sorry you had a migraine, but i still
enjoyed the time together. Well after we got off the
phone, my mom had me vacuum. Then i layed on my bed and
ate sunflower seeds (my new alternative to sweets, lol)
and watched TV. Then i feel asleep watching TV and took a
nap for about an hour, and then i got woken up b/c dinner
was ready. Right after dinner i got ready and went to
kickboxing. Class was kind of low energy tonight which
was a little disappointing. Kristen and Pam werent there,
so i didnt have my friends to talk to and everyone just
seemed kind of tired. I was in the mood to be upbeat and
have fun. Talking to you put me in a really good mood.
But oh well, it was still ok and i got my exercise. Hmm
well thats about it...well I'm sure i could say more but
I'm not going to write a novel. *giggles* I love you my
Master. I hope your headache feels better.