2005-06-15 00:12:45 (UTC)

First Day

This is my first diary. Most of you are probably thinking
really, but it's true. I didn't dare keep a diary before
now cause of my nosey sister.(she's older than me). Now
that I have my own computer, I can finally have a diary,
without miss nosey round peeking in at it. I don't really
know what i'm going to write about in this diary, but
whatever i write about, it will be good, and secret, well
from my sister anyhow. I would have kept this personal, but
then i thought hey, i'm a teenage girl and there must be
other teenagers on this site who are going through stuff
that i'm going through, so i then had second thought,and
came to see that by sharing my diary with others , i could
be helping them.

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