What's On My Heart
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2005-06-14 03:40:44 (UTC)



I had the scare of a lifetime. Let me just tell ya. I was
drunk one night and decided to fuck with a guy. He was a
decent guy. So, he and I fucked. He is really good, but
can work on his kissing. I would blame it on the drunkness,
but he wasn't drunk and kept telling me I was a good kisser,
so I guess it was him. Anyway, he didn't wear a condom, the
dumb fuck. I skipped my cycle. I went to the doctor and
BOOM, the test shows, "NOT PREGNANT". But then, why no
cycle? Shit! It was too early to be tested. 2 days
later...I'm kneelin' ova in pain. My cycle came and my
fears left. All is well in my life. Hopefully yours too.


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