Jorge's Life
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2005-06-14 02:39:07 (UTC)


Hello, I'm back to writing.

Monday. Today I did nothing.

I woke up, and got dressed and went into the PC-

Then I went into many forums and websites. Had breakfast,
had lunch.

Into the PC, messenger, read, and think.

Now I'm writing this.

I had dinner 1 hour ago.

Fiday night I went out and arrived Sunday afternoon. Wild

If anything comes up, I will write it down. I'm back to my

TV is boring now.

September si gonna be a great concert in my town:

Rata Blanca
and Judas Priest.

and I'll be there.

Gonna do some trnslation now. ( A test )

Maybe I'll get a job ina crusssier. Who knows? I really
really want for it happen. I'd be awesome. Really really good.

Let's see what happens.

See you, I love you all.

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