Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-06-14 01:02:08 (UTC)

Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes, says the rain's gonna wash away. I belive it.

So today. It was all rainy. I don't know if I like the
rain a much as I used to. Actually that's probably a lie.
I still love it. But its dreary and depressing in a wierd
sorta way that just makes you love it and want it. Anyways.

Before School- I was supposed to go to school early today
to practice the Tiki Room dance but well I forgot to tell
Katie so when Chelsea came to pick me up I couldn't go.
But I got there early and we still did run through it.

Social- We watched a movie on Mexico City. And how its so
polluted and everything. It's quite horrible. Not the
movie. Life in Mexico City. like WOW. That's all I have to
say about that.
p.s.- I still have to write song lyrics on World Issues
for my project. I don't think I can. I tried last night.
It's all crap.

Musical Theater- We presented our dance and luckily I
didn't mess up. So I'm sure we did quite good. I have to
sing tomorrow. I don't know what song I'm gonna do. I
guess "A Whole New World." I sang it for my drama final
last semester but well I can actually sing it. So that's
good news.

Lunch- Me and Katie and Kayla hung out because Kayla's
done study halls. I got to listen to them talk about how
they're gonna play tennis and how much fun they're going
to have at Katies lake this summer. I tried not to be sad
and I tried not to let it get to me and luckily it worked
this time and it didn't quite ruin my day. It did a
little. Then we walked outside in the rain.

Math- We had locker clean up. Then we wrote notes. Shit we
have our finance unit exam tomorrow. Good thing I have
tutoring soon.

Bio- We did notes and crap and highlighting and it was
quite boring and then we watched a bit of a movie. Whoot.

Friday- Math final
Monday- Bio final

Ok just so I don't forget those. Now onto topics of
importance before I go to do my homework which I've been
ever so conviniently putting off.

1) There's definately something up with Annette and I'm
extremely worried about her. I read her diary entry only
it really didn't give any details, but I've decided that
I'm not gonna push her into telling me and just let her
come when she needs to talk. But I did let her know that
there's lots of people here for her that care about her
and love her. So I really hope that whatever happened,
things get better for her. Because she's definately been
down lately and its sure not just about the traffic cirlce
picnic thing...

2) On a happier note I got an e-mail from Scott and
they're like gonna make a band. I think it would be great
fun and I e-mailed him back and told him I was interested
even though I'm probably not very good at singing and I
haven't played the piano in years. But well I hope I can
be apart of it somehow as it sounds like a total blast!

3) And did I mention that there's only 3 more days where I
have to endure Mrs. Forsyth and horrible math!?!!?!?!

4) Also, even though I have my list of funness for the
summer, I'm still not excited for it. At all.

So yes I'd better start on homework. Later y'all!

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