Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-06-14 00:14:17 (UTC)

*The Nice Guy!

The Nice Guy

Another case of the nice guy losing in the end,
Always & only considered a friend
The girls, time after time and again,
end up choosing the jerks to date
The ones their fathers instantly hate,
The ones who bring her home late without
as much as an apology
And it sounds as if that's just the way it is,
like that thing called fate
That is how it's gone, to date;
only it shouldn't be this way, anymore.

Some guy gives her the once over and suddenly she is all his
At first she feels special, but in the end
who is the one that she misses?
Who does she come looking for? That's right, the nice guy;
Who is only a friend, who was so easily overlooked in the
past (and the girls, sadly, continue to let him pass)

She fails to see the great guy sitting right in front of her
Almost as if she's been put under some kind of a spell.
Suddenly, he becomes her everything; she becomes enchained
so easily and so well.
She's caught up with her jerk weed boyfriend exceedingly so
She ignores the fact that this guy, her friend, how much
compassion he has shown, and how comforting is his hold
With a listening, sympathy-giving ear...
He's always been there
He wants to help her, heal her heart-sores, but some things
are too hard to endure...
He wants to stop listening for his own heart aches
And she has no idea...about anything
Awfully hard to hearten while his own heart throbs
in such pain & longing.

He's the one she should be pining for
He's not going to treat her like trash, as did many before
He's going to treat her like she has worth and give her some
peace. Respectful, truthful, loving, yes, always is he.
But never does she realize this until it's too late
and even then...

She's so oblivious to her poor male friend who, yes, is
still right in front of her face
If only her eyes would open, then she would see what wonder
she's been missing!


He Gives Friendship; She Gives Naught

She not once offered a shoulder to lean on as he always did
She never took the time to really get to know him
as he honestly tried
She never truly listened; besides, he's unable
to come speak to her
For what HIS heart is aching for is she - she looks right
through him,
has no clue what lingers in his mind these days;
maybe she did in the beginning, when the friendship was
first beginning...
She forever assumed he'd be there for her to come back to,
waiting patiently with a pretty box of tissues.
When she's desperate for comfort or in need for advice
involving her 'love life'
Or just someone to talk to, or not even that
Someone who'll simply sit with her when she's feeling so
awful -
given that *that guy,* the boyfriend, is the reason she's
feeling this way, time and again regret fills her from within.
She used him as a cushion, a safety net; he was merely
used - and gave all he could - until he had nothing left.


The Guy-Friend vs The Boy-friend

Her confidence skyrocketed when *that guy*
gave her that first glance,
then so kindly gave her a chance with *him*
Once the initial thrill was over and done with
The constant bickering began

Their petty arguments - driving everyone surrounding insane
Soon enough it seemed they're repeatedly wrangling -
over the same things
And whom does she come to?
What if HE didn't care?
What if HE is tired of keeping it all inside?
What will happen then?
Your guess is as good as mine.


The One

The one she seeks when her boyfriend is playing games,
messing with her head, or taking a piece of her and dumping
her within two days.
The one she hunts for when she is hurting deeply inside,
like when one of her best friends so tragically died by a
man who was unwise enough to drink & drive that fatal night.
The one whose shoulder never failed to be there for her to cry
After she is torn down by one of her oh so lovely boyfriends
(she tries desperately to keep around) -
He is the one she should be trying to hold on to.
He is the one she should want to be around at all times.
He is: the 'nice guy.'


Note: Thank you again for the inspiration, Justin, and the
other nice guys I've met that don't deserve the way they are

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