New Chapter
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2005-06-13 23:04:58 (UTC)

Hello Again

I just found some time to sit down and write...finally....i
have been so busy recently with graduation and college it's
CRAZY! I went up to Akron last Tuesday and shedualed my
classes. It's amazing how many different people actually
are. Just the people in my tour group were really

I finally worked everything out with Ryan. I needed to. But
it's weird now because i guess that Kaddie is starting to
hang out with part of that crew again and when they think
of me they think of "me and Ryan" and i don't want that.
It's in that beautiful memory catagory remember? I've moved
on and it's in the past. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW i can't
live in past relationships. Including Joe's. Yeah that was
a four year investment that turned a little sour. And yes
that was a messy breakup filled with bitterness and tears
and recrimination...and still to this day i feel like he
still doesn't completly get why we broke up...and why i
can't give him another chance. But i hope this stage
passes. I mean, I obviously can't hang out with him one on
one like i used to now that i am someone elses girlfriend.
It's just not right.

Now onto this boyfriend subject. His name is Corey. Now
i've known him for a while but we didn't really
become "aquantinces" untill this year. We kinda talked as
friends for a while. I mean, we weren't hanging out or
anything but we still spoke to each other. But the weird
thing is...when we first started talking i kinda thought of
him as a ...well ....not someone that i would be with. He
takes care of himself (yes. as in "spends time in the
bathroom getting ready") and he does kind of have a
SENSITIVE personality. Actually, my teacher labled him a
metro-sexual (which Corey will never admit). So obviously,
with my interest in dark skinned, muscualar, manley, men,
Corey is an unlikley canadate. And i know he was annoyed by
me in Law Related some days but that was probably on one of
my "get things done" days. Anyway, past all the sensitivity
and pickyness we decided to go on a date the last day of
school for the seniors. (he graduated too) Well the next
thing i know, he's my boyfriend. We've spent alot of time
talking. Were not moving fast or anything. Were just
spending time getting to know each other. I see him alot,
which is okay for now because we still have that goofy fun
thing going on and were just trying to figure each other
out. Now for the most part he's really nice. Mature,
caring, responable, a good listner, and an excellent
boyfriend. But there are still some times when i hope that
he grows out of a couple ideas. But for as few and far
between those times are, i'm having a blast! It's nice
having a MATURE relationship with an actual FOUNDATION to
build on. We care about adapting to each others
personalities. We can talk really easily about, politics,
family, religion, marrige, our carrers, future plans,
insecurities, fears, and dreams. We don't agree on
everything. In fact, our politiacal views differ in a very
hazardus way. But for the most part we agree to dissagree
and move on. It's healthy. Unlike some relationships i know
who's foundation is based not soley, but mainly, on how
frequently and well they can have sex, and whos first major
attraction to one another was physical. Remember those
people with the unhealthy infactuation? Dangerous love?
Arguments? Obsession?..yeeeaaaahhhh not my thing.