Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-13 20:35:05 (UTC)

Dazed and confused

Dearest Master,

this slave does not know what happened to this day. she has
been on the phone for the entire day, and so far, she has
gotten no satisfaction. she tried some of the ideas You
gave her, but it seems that the people this slave needed to
talk to were not available today. this slave will try again

this slave is quite concerned about You and about U/us. she
understands Your anxiety over Your current job situation and
the issues that W/we are facing her at home, but she also
knows that there are those that have things much worse that
W/we do. Just remember how much this slave and O/our
children love You. You are such a wonderful Master, Husband
and Father, and this slave wants You to know how much You have.

this slave has a job interview this Friday, but she is very
apprehensive about going for it. she knows W/we need the
money, but she was taken aback by Your reaction. she does
not want to do anything that would make You uncomfortable.
this slave loves You so much. she belongs to You and to You
alone. she will never do anything to risk O/our
relationship or O/our lives.

Tonight one of O/our children has a game and this child has
the chance to pitch. O/our child is so excited, and so is
this slave. she is nervous and thrilled for the child. she
hopes that this child does well. The game is so important
to this child!

this slave must sign off. she is sorry that this entry is
so short. she is also sorry for the problems that occurred
over the weekend. she misses You so much.

Please take care, Master, and feel better. this slave hates
to see You feeling so badly. this slave loves You, and she
is Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,