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2005-06-13 13:33:03 (UTC)

Li Sing Tai Hang School


It has been a long time since I wrote my last entry. I
hope you are still looking forward to me writing in this

I am quite busy these days. I am now a supply teacher of a
primary school. My students mainly come from Pakistine and
Philipines. Although they are quite lovely, I don't really
feel good about it. They are too naughty sometimes.
Teaching English there is really easy, but managing a
class is very difficult. The children are all running
around, shouting and screaming, doing anything they want.
They are too small to know how to do things properly. In
the end, I may end up my supply teacher's life with a sore
throat : )

I am also the class teacher of 1A. Many of my students
didn't attend kindergarten before. That's why when they
come to Li Sing they barely have any ideas about what
manner is. Sigh! How come there is such a school in Hong

The school isn't that bad indeed. The point is, I am too
new there, so I have no skills to tackle disciplinary
problems. I hope whewn i am teaching in Eduyoung, my
students can listen to me...(Life won't be so easy...that
school isn't really a top school...remember this,Kathy.)

Talk to you more about my life later.