DK Wuhn

For Those That Care
2005-06-13 07:11:22 (UTC)

Rough Draft Romance

Hey there, can you tell me where I put my keys?
I've come across the street.
To ask you once if you'd just wear your mask
While I'm falling fast asleep.
Your fine line, fading list of memories
Ball point, dotted line reciept.
Then pretend you send your hopes out for me.
Cause it makes you feel complete.

Sarah said I read the redwood and I carved out your heart.
Sarah said let's clear the table and just lay in the dark.
Because she knows,
That my time belongs to me.

So now I wonder where you hid my keys
And I've lost all kinds of sleep.
You burned the paper I've been working on
But I do not feel defeat

What I said to save you really wasn't safe to explain.
Then you said you made me cause you just want to complain.
And she screams,
My time is not for free.