The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-06-13 06:07:20 (UTC)

VBS and Nothing More

Dear Diary

Well, I was forced to go to VBS tonight. man, I was bored
but, hey, I get to make these really cute flip flops.
There's a lot of people I really dont' know there. I'm so
frickin' confused on all these people. Geeze. Sherry didn't
seem to OVERLY friendly. I mean, yeah she was nice and
asked some questions but, I guess things won't be the like
they were again. Mom wants me to get back into church and
live my life the way I should. She said I should act more
like a christian. Hmmmm...Maybe. Joey thought I was
hallairious that I had to go though. Maybe it is. I dunno.

Not much more has happened. I've been putting in crap loads
of applications for jobs. I'm so tired of running around
trying to get a job. I wish someone would just call already.

Oh yeah, we get out cell phones back today!!!! YAY!!! That
means I can call Joey now. I'm sure he will be thrilled.
lol. Not sure about that. :) Anyways, we get'em back. I'm
truly excited. lol.

I'm really kind of sleepy. I should be getting to bed. I
think it's like 2:00 in the morning or something. I don't
think I have to be up early for anything but, you never can
tell with mom...Oh wait, she works today! I love my mom
but, she ahs been on my nerves. So has dad. He's had an
attitude all day. I think they might be seperating for a
while. It wouldn't suprise and really wouldn't fase me. I
think it will do them some good. I wish she just would have
stayed seperated longer last time. maybe it would have
taught him a lesson.

Oh yeah, still no news on my "baby" lol. Meaning, I still
don't know if I'm preggers or not. Still hoping and my
fingers are still crossed. I don't think i am though cause
my stomach feels like about to start. Ah well, if I'm not,
it's not meant to be.

Well, I"m outtie