mY sToRy
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2005-06-13 03:01:36 (UTC)


Okay so i havent talked in this thing for almost a full
year. And it is kind of scary and sad. I dont know just
looking back at my old life.. remembering those times and
how i felt. Wow 7th grade sucked! That was a terrible year
full of drama that i thought i could never get out of. I
just realized after reading all those like how much i have
changed for the better ya know. Like 8th grade was a year
that changed my life.. and life is so much better now and
im so glad i got out of that time. Man, reading all those
made me cry. Just remembering all of those things and just
reliving what it felt like back then. That was a real low
point in my life and wow its just amazing of how much all
that has just changed me to be a better person. I know
JeSuS cHrIsT helped me out a lot on that one and helped me
through all that crap that was happening at the time! And
i also know i had some friends that were always there for
me through every single little thing and now after all of
it.. im still the best of friends with them.. some of
those including bRoOkE, bEcCa, RaChEl cOwIe, RaNdY aNd So
MaNY MoRe.. I have become closer to many new friends too
like LaNeY, JoHn, kYlE, AND ChRiS bIttEr! Im just loving
life right now and i hope you are too.. i lov all you out
there im out

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