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2005-06-12 23:07:29 (UTC)


So yesterday I ended up going to Tim Horton's by myself
because everybody is evil. Grant ditched on me too. He
didn't even phone me like he was supposed to. What a bum.
I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned my floor and Danielle's
and I was gonna do the basement too for even more money
only my back was pretty sore so I stopped. So I jogged to
the Tim's by Nottingham and then I walked back to my house
after I got my soup. I was very excited for that soup.
Even though I had to eat it alone. So anyways when I came
home and phoned Katie and Kayla and then they came over
and they were fooling around in my room and they got our
my drumsticks and started pounding on a pringles can I had
in there that contained the little crabs me and my dad got
in Dominican Republic. Luckily they didn't break any. I
did. Haha. Then they were bouncing on my bed because they
were amused by it squeaking and they BROKE it! What bums.
So then we were laying around in my room poking each other
with my drum sticks and then eventually Katie went home
for dinner and me and Kayla made out way to Rogers to rent
a movie. And it was raining. And we got soaked. And we
puddle jumped and got really dirty. It was amazing. So we
arrived at Rogers VERY WET. lol they probably had to mop
out the whole store after we left. Anyways so we were
trying to pick a movie and we had it down to this scary
one and this tennis one about love and then I saw thirteen
and I was like "ooh it looks good." And so I read the back
and it was 18A so I was sad and then Kayla was like "So
what movie do you want?" And I was like "Thirteen. Only
its 18A so we can't get it." And this lady was like "You
know what you do? You can phone your parents and if they
say you can get it then they'll let you rent it." And I
was like "Yeah but my parents aren't home." Then she
said "Then you get somebody older to get it for you." And
Kayla was like "Are you voulunteering...?" And she was
like "Sure its a good movie you guys should see it." So we
were excited. And we gave her money and she got it for us.
So that was really exciting. And then we splashed our way
over to McDonalds to see if Sam, Adam and Tom were working
(they weren't) and we got fries and then we ate them on
our way to Sobies. I really don't know why we went there
but oh well. We saw Branden and he ate some of our fries.
And then Kayla bought a yoghurt. lol thrilling. Then we
went to 7ve for slurpies and then walked home. We're so
cool. lol. But it stopped raining. So we got home a bit
after 10 and we ordered pepperoni pizza, crazy bread and
salad from Little Caesars. And we got it delivered and
Eric (the cowboy guy who goes to my school and works at
FOR HIM! I felt SOOO bad! lol. So we had supper at 11
because we're just that cool. Then Michelle went to bed
and me and Kayla watched our movie and it was actually
pretty good. It was really true too. Only well me and
Kayla didn't think for a 13 year old. Maybe like 16. So
yeah. Anyways then we got to bed at about 1:30-2:00. haha.

Today I had a soccer game at 1:00 and we won. It was so
cold and shitty out. Lol we all were so lazy and mostly
walked around the field. haha good times. I have another
game at 7:00 against Tomlinson's team which is Kayla
Bilsburrows team but apparently none of them know about
the game so I guess my team will win by default. Anyways
now Annette's mad at me because of me wanting to have a
picnic in the SP traffic circle. She said it was one of
her life goals for a long time and that she's mentioned it
before but I don't remember her ever mentioning it. So I'm
thinking that its gonna be off my list of summer plans.
Speaking of which I gotta think of more things to
accomplish this summer. So if any of you people who
actually read this have any ideas- please leave me a
message. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Later, Nicole