Flying on broken wings
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2005-06-12 21:26:37 (UTC)


Dear diary,

I hate being in Eco, I am so stressed right now. I don’t'
know most anything that I am learning. I still need to know
what Dividends are, and what the 4o1k is, and I think I
have that wrong too. Though you know... reading all these
cute diaries about love.. And stuff like that.. I guess
just thinking about it makes me go aww. I wish that there
was some way that I could make sure I would have enough
money to take care of the one I love.. And have time to
find someone. Well I guess this is just telling me that I
am not made for love. I guess that is true, for the fact
that no matter what I try I am always busy, and just about
have Sunday; I wonder if I will even have that-... I wish I
had someone... and not Kevin... someone that was actually
here for me. Someone that... would just give me a hug now
and then. That is not just my cuz who has now graduated.

I can't wait till I have time for my party... Unless I have
auditions, but I am going to have James over, so that I can
talk to him, I hope that he and his boyfriend are well. I
don’t know, maybe he can help me... or not ~sighs~ damn
net! T-T

-Amy -3:59PM

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