Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-12 20:29:53 (UTC)

whoo hoo!

I just got back! Kevin ... me ... and Robbie all went down
to the lake for a bit of a swim. We found the most
deserted part ... well at least it was deserted after we
got there! (teehee)
We were bassically all alone. Im soaking wet now ... and
Im wearing what my dad calls a 'bandana' as a top and some
jean shorts. Hot, huh? (hehe)
That was the most fun I've had in a little bit.
I guess I'll try and spend as much time with Kevin as I
can, why sulk over something that hasn't even happened
yet? And it won't be the end of the world. It won't even
be the end of our freindship!
I had some 'alone' time with Robbie. Some chick decided
Kevin was hot ... some blonde prep girl. Robbie had said
he wanted to talk to me at one point alone, so instead of
telling the little cheer leader prep to fuck off, I swam
out with Robbie.
He was more upset then anyone that Kevin was leaving. When
Robbie moved here, two months ago, straight from Italy ...
He thought making freinds and joining into groups and
being accepted would have been majorly difficult. Robbie
has had it tough ... He had top leave everyone behind, his
parents were divorced. And he lived with his mom after his
dad beat him. And then his dad died. And they moved up to
Canada. Since he's ... acceptionly taller then anyone I
know (6ft 5") he thought people would laugh. He thought
they'd make fun of his music choices ... and the unique
speech he has! And people did. They seemed ... almost
intimidated by him. Everyone, except Kevin. Kevin has had
it tough himself ... and he's never judged anyone. It's
not his way. Now him and Robbie are almost just like ...
him and Dem were. (Still miss you Dem. Love you forever,
say hi to Nails and everyone else up there for me :( Love
you XoXoXoXo) Almost anyways.
Robbie talked to me about how much he's going to miss
Kevin. And how he's never met anyone like him before. I
don't think any of us have.
I reasured him that Kevin would visit. He would call. He
would e-mail and talk over the net. He would still be here
for everyone. He will ALWAYS be Kevin. (You Dah Man
Well I guess Robbie felt alot better after that and I got
a kiss on the cheek and a thank you hug!!! Fabity fab fab!
*Sigh* I'm in an unbreakably good mood.
Oh yeah! After talking with Robbie we swam back into
shore. Kevin was saying "uh huh ... uh huh ... uh huh" As
the blonde droned on .. and on ... and on ... and ON! ANd
he gave me the look of "SAVE ME!!" Those big brown eyes
pleaded for a rescue. I tried not to think about how I
wont be seeing those big brown eyes as often, and I walked
on over. I said, "Hey baby" and kissed him on the cheek.
Which really repulsed the girl who was trying so
desprately to get with him. AH HA HA!! Im a genius!!!
As we went back into the water I swear I heard Robbie
sniff ... but his eyes were dry when he winked at me and
turned to swim out into the water. =)

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