Flying on broken wings
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2005-06-12 20:16:01 (UTC)


Dear diary,

wow.. im really tired, and feel really faint just latly. My
parents think it's cause I have not been drinking enough,
but I know why I really have. It's because I have been
pushing myself to much. I now have school monday through
Saturday. My mind is so stressed, i have only sunday to
deal with myslef, and for that I try to relax, but when
school starts (not summer school) I wont even have a
sunday. I have to work as well, I will get home about 9 at
night... if not later, and thats just on school nights, on
the weekends it will be early hours of the morning. So this
is just an fyi of saying that I wont be able to write here
much anymore, let alone be on anything. ~sigh~ so tired...
well anyway, this is all that i have time for, i have to go
read and study my book for the test tomorrow.

-Amy -3:15PM

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