Elizabeth M.
2005-06-12 18:35:06 (UTC)


Kate and Amanda got into the pool, the day before they
were telling me that they were going to put Pierre in the
pool(my Maltese(dog),I of coarse freaked!! That is my child
since I have no human ones. And they did it when I was at
Friday night. So Yesterday Kate showed me. I started to
freak and she told me to calm down and so I did. They put 2
small rafts(kids rafts the ones you blow up) together and
put him on it. He was relax and seemed to be happy. Then I
got into the pool. Kate told me to watch and she put into
the water and he started to swim. I was so happy!! He did
it 3 more times then he started to get nervous and started
that reverse cough thing. So I took him out of the pool. I
went inside to take a shower before going to my 2nd job. My
mom told me the Pierre started to acted depressed. I guess
he really like the pool.
So the regs. at the bar like me, they were sad to see me
go at 5pm, I server mostly beer. I made 2 mixed drinks and
I asked the couple how it tasted, both said really good!!
Yes, I have a nack for making drinks. So I gambled at work,
they have this NASCAR thing were you blindly pick poker
chips that have numbers and you put your name in that spot,
Then the number that you pick depends on how that car
caulify(I dont think thats right) anyways, then thats the
racing car you get, So I cant wait to see which I get, The
winner gets $165 for 1st place and 2nd gets $55. Well My B-
day is this thursday. My boss asked me if I wanted it off,
I said thanks but no, theres no point to that, I wont be
doing anything anyways.

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