me, nothing more, nothing less
2005-06-12 08:52:11 (UTC)

Im back!

Hello! Im allowed on the computer now!

Ive now been ill for 5 weeks, I didn't go to school on
Friday, I went to the doctors and
found out I have migrains! Hip Hip Horay! That means Im
not allowed chocolate or...or...CHEESE! O well that's only
when Ive got a migrain! Anyway I have to take these
tablets which are pink! Mum thinks they taste discusting
but I think they're quite nice! I also have to take iron
tablet and these new era ones, I don't know what for
(mum's trying to drug me!)

GREENDAY IN 8 DAYS (Im now counting down on here as well!)

Hey people from Chosen Hill! What happened on Friday?

Hey people from Newent, love you all!

Lucy x-x-x

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