K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-06-12 08:45:48 (UTC)

? I don't Know

I've been wrestling with so many things lately. leaving
chicago, my sexuality, bcoming 21, my job, Larry, my ex-
boyfriend. All I know is that I ain't tellin my mom about
none of it. I feel like I'm so close to embracing who I
truly am. And for the record I think that whomever I turn
out to be, will be heterosexual. Simply because I know in
my gut that I desire the flesh of a man. And though my
curiousity for women peeks once in a while, I doubt it
would ever go beyond that. But perhaps to experience what
men find so damn attractive...
Larry is stupid in every sense of the word...moving
It's almost unreal, being 21...like finally being let
into this secret society. hopefully I'll be able to meet
new people now, outside of work. 'm sleepy , maybe more

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