Daily Journal
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2005-06-12 04:44:09 (UTC)

June 11th

Hello my Master,
Well this journal entry isnt going to be very long
and will probably be pretty redundant since i didnt do a
whole lot today and then i already told you most of it.
Ok so i got up this morning and went to kickboxing. I
woke up really not wanting to go b/c it was so yucky
outside, i just wanted to go back to bed. But i dragged
myself there and then once i got started i woke up and
stuff. After i get back from that class i'm always so
awake and pumped up, which is amazing for me if its before
noon. I talked to Mr. Chiodo while i was there and he
doesnt think he needs me to work next week, but if after
the first day of the camp he realizes her needs help hes
going to give me a call. This coming up week is the older
kids so i doubt he'll need much help. I wish he did
though because i was so thrilled about how much he payed
me. It was so awesome. So then when i got home from
kickboxing i showered and cleaned up and then went to the
bank to finish setting up a checking account for me and i
put my 224 dollar pay check in there to begin with. In a
week i'm supposed to get a debit card so i can just put
all my pay checks in the account and then not have to
worry about cash. It also makes it easier for my parents
to give me my allowance b/c my dad can transfer my 50
dollar allowance from his account to mine over the phone
or online. So i thought that was pretty cool. Hopefully
Walgreens is going to hire me and then i'll have a weekly
paycheck to deposit in there and i'll have lots of money.
So then when i got back from the bank i had some lunch, my
dad got fried chicken from publix so i had that and an
apple and then i watched TV for a while. A dumb movie and
then a few shows. While i was watching TV i took off the
chipped toenail polish i had on from prom and painted my
toenails bright pink. They look cute. Hmmm, other than
that i drank a WHOLE BUNCH of mountain dew so i've been
pretty highstrung all evening. My dad bought diet code
red mountain dew which i hadnt tried, so i had to try it.
Then i liked it so i had more. Then while we were
watching Oceans 12 i had a regular diet mountain dew. I'm
really hoping it will wear off soon. Oh, so yeah i did
spend a little time on GCN today and i told you all about
that already. I was pretty nervous to dance since i only
had a little bit of instruction from you about it and i
had only done it once and it was a while back. But i was
coaxed into it, so i was really proud of myself when they
all thought i did well. I got so many compliments. Maybe
we should work on teaching me more dances and stuff.
Another thing i really need to do is get back to reading
the books. Just i've got summer reading and other books
i've wanted to read. But i do need to get back to reading
them again, so i probably will soon. Hmm well i think
thats about all, i know i'm running my mouth like crazy.
Well more like my fingers. Theyre starting to really
hurt. I love you my Master.


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