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2005-06-12 03:39:39 (UTC)


third entry this night. actually, third entry this..hour.
im calmer now. kinda. i tend to get an idea in my head,
and then become it..or make it real, so all i have is a
fake idea in my head, and me thinking its entirely real.
its crazy, i know. and like. ahh. i dont know.

it bugs me how whenever i find out that someone likes me,
and i have no intention of liking them back. then, i avoid
them at all costs. they immediatly become like, this weird
stranger who i should be near, just because it makes me
that uncomfortable. =S it so weird.

i just got a penguin. when in doubt, eat choclate. i didnt
read the joke. it would make me laugh. and laughing is

it pisses me off how like, everything who ive been telling
stuff too, immediatly HAS to know anything and everything
about my life. no jusy my friends either (although i
actually dont mind telling most of them stuff) but like.

i dont know.

i have to stop thinking.

how am i ever going to get trust, and be able to trust
someone when ... im paranoid?

but then again. if something happens that someone has NO
control over..is that destiny? if thats true, then does
that mean being with josh is destiny? or does it mean that
being heart broken over him is destiny? if thats true,
than not being friends with lacey anymore is destiny. and
constantly arguing with april is destiny.

think about it.

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